Tony Fahey, 6th Dan, started training in 1972 in Fredericton, NB with Sensei Barry Ripley. He earned his 5th Dan in 1994 from Master Okazaki and Master Yaguchi. He also is a B Level Tournament Referee.

Tony has trainined with many instructors over the years. He attended ISKF Master Camps in Philidephia in 1980, 1981, 1982 and 1994. He has trained with Masters Okazaki, Yaguchi, Woon-A-Tai, Shenai, Kondo, Tanaka, Ishiskwa (in Mexico city), Nishiyama and Katsumata.

Over the years, Sensei Tony has competed in a few tournament nad help prepare competitors for events.

Tony operated a dojo in Harcourt, NB. He also taught various locations over the years, the last of which was the YMCA in Moncton and at St. Pats, where he teaches now.

Sensei Fahey works as a carpenter, operate a bandsaw mill, and sell cedar products.

He was a strict vegan for 30 or so years and now is a vegetarian.


Moncton IKD


  • IKD Instructor
  • IKD National Referee (B Level)

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