Sensei Jolene Robitza

Jolene Robitza, 3rd Dan, is the assistant chief instructor of the Sackville Shotokan Karate, formerly Mount Allison Shotokan Karate. She started training in 1999 in Fredericton, NB while attending the University of New Brunswick.

On June 21, 2012, she finally took her Shodan test and received the rank from Shihan David Pyke.

In 2013, she served as a scorekeeper at the 2013 IKD Canada Cup. She also received her Official Dojo Instructors course from Master Frank Woon-A-Tai.

November 2014, Sensei Jolene received her Nidan from Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai.

February 2015, Sensei Jolene passed here Level E Dojo Referee’s course. She would go on to capture her first medals in a karate competition winning a Bronze in Black Belt Women’s Kata and a Gold in Team Enbu with Sensei Norm Robitza and Sempai Jonathan Bradet-Legris.

In 2016, she travelled to the IKD World Camp in Ontario for the first time. She closed out the year by making a scrapbook for the celebration of 35 years of Karate in Amherst. The book was presented to Shihan David and Sensei Janice Pyke in December by Sensei Norm and Jolene Robitza.

2017, saw Sensei Jolene receive her D Level judge’s license.

In 2019, Sensei Jolene achieved her 3rd Dan from Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai.

Sensei Jolene has enrolled in the IKD Kenshusei Program. This program is designed to create qualified International Instructors.

Sensei Jolene works for a local food production company and is a former Private Security Officer. She has graduated from the Responder Training’s Officer Safety Tactical Defense Program. Like Sensei Norm, she has provide security for some of the most famous performers in the World including U2, Metallica, ACDC, Bon Jovi, Kiss, Paul McCartney, Black Sabbath, NickelBack, Bruce Springsteen and many many more.


Sackville Shotokan Karate


  • IKD Kenshusei (Instructor Trainee)
  • IKD Dojo Instructor (E Level)
  • IKD Provincial Judge (D Level)

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