Jen Babineau, 3rd Dan, started training in 2007. Her intent was to supplement other training and challenge herself. “I’m a gym junkie and karate is another component of that. It was harder than running and far less boring than biking!”

She never intended to do anything more than go to class for the exercise but she was “bullied” into taking the yellow belt test.

In 2012, She obtained her Shodan from Shihan Josef Woon-A-Tai. She would test for Nidan in June 2014 with Shihan David Pyke. Sensei Jen received her Sandan in 2016 from Shihans Frank & Maureen Woon-Tai.

Jen has competed in several regional, national and international tournament.


Moncton IKD


  • IKD Dojo Instructor (E Level)​
  • IKD Provincial Referee (C Level)

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