The student of the month for October 2015 is Laura-Beth Gill of the Mount Allison Shotokan Karate club.

Laura-Beth is from Fort St. John, BC. and is currently studying Biology with a double minor in Religious studies and applied physics at Mount Allison University.

The 19 year old joined the Mount Allison club in September 2015.

“Laura-Beth immediately showed an intense interest in karate.” Sensei Robitza said, “She asked many historical and technical questions.”

“I was drawn to karate by the potential for self-defense,” she said.

The idea of doing no harm until it is truly necessary was a big influence for Laura-Beth.

When asked what her favorite part of training was, Laura-Beth’s answer was simple, Bunkai! A white belt only learns basic bunkai for Heian Shodan but Laura-Beth’s interest stretches beyond the bunkai. She wants to see how the techniques from the katas can be used in many different situations.

Like most new karate students, Laura-Beth’s future goal is to achieve her yellow belt. Sensei Robitza, however, knows that she will go far beyond a yellow belt.

Congratulations Laura-Beth!

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