Merrik Tower started training in September 2015 with Sensei Norm Robitza at the Mount Allison Shotokan Karate club.

In December 2015, Merrik received his 8th Kyu from Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai. He would test under Shihan Josef Woon-A-Tai for 7th Kyu in April 2016 and receive his 6th Kyu from Shihan Frank & Shihan Maureen Woon-A-Tai in December 2016.

Merrik has yet to compete in a tournament but has shown interest in doing so in the future.

He started karate to build confidence and learn to defend himself. He is constantly asking Sensei Robitza how to get out of certain situations with a response that is usually something like, “Don’t get in that situation!”

Merrik is the only youth training at the MTA club and has to adapt his training to especially sparring as everyone is bigger than he is. He works hard and has a never give up attitude.

Merrik is in Grade 7 and enjoys playing football, swimming and the piano.

Earlier in 2016, Sensei Robitza shared a video on Facebook of Merrik performing kata on stage.

“When I was in Jamaica in February of this year, there was a youth talent show.  I performed my kata to the song ‘kung fu fighting’.  My performance was well received by the large crowd in attendance.  I also explained to the crowd I was performing my karate kata.”

Merrik always has a smile on his face and is willing to learn. He is constantly asking questions about karate’s past and wants to learn as much as he can.

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