Jammy Lu of the PEI Shotokan Karate Daigaku is the May Student of the Month.

Jammy is thirteen years old and is from GuangZhou, China. He has been living on Prince Edward Island for 2 years.

Jammy and his brother Jacky started his training in 2013 after a discussion with their parents. They wanted to have some physical activity and learn to protect themselves.

“When I was a novice, I noticed concentration was an important part of karate. I always do kata wrong if I don’t concentrate,” he said.

Karate has helped him develop his concentration and after training for several months he feels stronger than he did before he joined.

“I realize that I need to continue learning and practicing after I got to the orange belt and I will work hard on my katas in the future and try to get the green belt.”

Congratulations Jammy! Keep training!

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