Peter Hoar of the Parrsboro IKD has been named the May 2013 Maritime IKD Student of the Month.

He started training in January 2011. His oldest son, Nicholas, had started training in September of 2010 and, at his grading, he thought, “I could do that”. The thought of earning a belt, even just a yellow belt, in karate was appealing.

Peter enjoys the regional gradings. He really likes getting to see people from other dojos and seeing how they are advancing.

He has competed in one tournament winning gold in kata and silver in kumite.

Peter will be taking over as the instructor of the Parrsboro club in the Fall when current instructor, Sarah Colpitts goes to University.

“This fall our dojo should have seven brown belts and two black belts. This makes training far more exciting and takes some of the pressure off me as a new and merely brown belt sensei. I’ll do the best I can and hope that with so many of us training in Amherst and with some more experienced senseis visiting, we will continue to develop as a club. I have enjoyed karate far more than I expected I would and earning my black belt has become a major goal in my life…recognizing, of course, that shodan is just the beginning.”

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