Maritime IKD hosts successful clinic

Maritime IKD hosts successful clinic

The Maritime IKD hosted Fuku Shuseki Shihan Maureen Woon-A-Tai, 9th Dan, this past weekend. During the weekend clinic, several karateka took part in special training to be promoted to their next rank. Congratulations to all and a special congratulations to:

  • Liam Elliott – 1st Dan
  • Courtney Angus – 1st Dan
  • Greg Angus – 1st Dan
  • Toni Campbell – 2nd Dan
  • Wade Abbott – 3rd Dan
  • Andrew Sibbald – 5th Dan
  • Carol Gould – 6th Dan
  • Sensei Norm Robitza – B Class International Instructor

Photos and videos are available for viewing on the Events page.

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