The Maritime IKD dojos are preparing for the Fall sessions.

The new Karate Shotokan Dieppe dojo started classes on September 3rd at the Rotary Lodge in Dieppe.

Amherst Shotokan Karate Academy will return to their regular schedule on Sept 9 with the return of the Sunday Advanced training classes. The following Tuesday, the youth classes will start back up at 4pm. The dojo will be accepting beginners during this class and in the Adult class at 6pm.

Mount Allison Shotokan Karate will be taking part in the Mount Allison SACtivities Fair on September 9th in the Purdy Crawford building. Classes will begin later in the month at the Wallace McCain Student Centre.

The PEI Shotokan Karate Daigaku will be returning to a regular schedule soon and we are waiting to hear if the Moncton IKD will have a new home to start classes.

If you are interested in classes please visit the dojos pages above and contact the instructors to join classes near you.

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