Michel Gaudet started karate, way back when he was 12 years old, in 1982.

“I always loved to watching martial art movies and I had a friend who asked me to join karate with him. I said sure I’d love to.”

Karate did not come naturally to him and his friend decided to quit. He told his mother that he also wanted to quit but she didn’t let him.

“It was probably the best thing my mother ever did for me. I guess, beside giving birth to me.”

He quickly made more friends and started competing. Again this was not natural for Michel at all.

“The only thing I wanted to do was kumite.”

At that time, Michel competed in karate NB tournaments. They had three Grand Pre tournaments to qualify for the Nationals. They would select two top males juniors and two top junior girls. They had to do both kata and kumite to qualify. That’s when he learned to love kata and Michel qualified two years in a row. The second year he fell ill and couldn’t make it to the national.

“Things happen after that and I ended up stopping karate for a long time. At that time I trained under Louis Comeau who was with Nishyama JKA. I also took part in clinics and gradings with Sensei Sakurai and Sensei Katsumata.”

Many years later, Michel was looking for a karate club or other Martial Art to start with his 9 year old son. Sensei Louis was not teaching anymore but by chance Michel bumped into his wife a local hardware store. She told him of a young, amazing Shotokan instructor at the local YMCA. This is where Michel met Sensei Isabelle Bordage and the beginning of his new karate life. With Sensei Isabelle’s guidance he received the rankings from 2nd kyu to 3rd Dan. From ISKF to IKD, Michel would competed in many provincial, national and international competitions. He finally took first in Kata and Kumite in the 40 to 49 division at the 2017 IKD Canada Cup in Quebec. In 2018, He claimed the World Championsip by winning gold in the 40 to 49 division at the IKD World Cup in Barbados.

“This meant a lot to me since I trained very hard and wanted to win for my mother. She had passed away the year before and I wanted to thank her for not letting me quit karate all those years ago.”

He has trained with many international instructors at the IKD World Camp.

“I love attending these camps because I have a chance to meet so many interesting people from all different backgrounds from mine, but we all have the love of karate in common.”

“To help me get in shape for the IKD World Cup, I started running. Now I have another love. I recently went to Las Vegas, Nevada to take part in a morning and night time race. I am also working with a Professor of Kinesiology, who I used to practice karate with way back in the 80’s, to develop a U12 karate training program. This is to help young students with functional movements and body awareness to help them in their karate practice.” 

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