Celine Perczynski Northen of the Mount Allison Shotokan Karate club has been named the March 2013 Maritime IKD Student of the Month.

Celine was born in Paris, France and is now attending Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB.

Celine joined the Mount Allison Shotokan Karate club in January and immediately started to impress her instructors.

“She has amazing form and is so willing to learn new things,” said Sensei Norm Robitza.

“Celine is so eager to learn. Every class she wants to learn more,” said Sempai Jolene Robitza.

Celine is a white belt and will be testing for her next rank in March. But when Sensei Robitza mentioned a tournament would be taking place in February, Celine was one of the first to sign up. She competed in both White – Orange Adult Individual Kata and Kumite against more experienced karate-ka. Celine beat out Mount Allison teammate and December 2012 Maritime IKD Student of the Month, Misaki Natsuya for 1st Place in the Kata event.

“I was so nervious!” she said.

Congratulations, Celine!

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