Denise Cotton-Dickinson of the Parrsboro IKD is the June Student of the Month.

Denise is currently a 6th kyu. She started training after working as part of the 2013 IKD Canada Cup scorekeeping staff. Her daughter had been training for several years at this point but after experiencing the National event she wanted to be more than a karate mom.

“The excitement and atmosphere was something I wanted to be part of,” she said.

Denise enjoys training and working on something that she is struggling with. The feeling of finally overcoming limitations makes you strive and push yourself furthur.

In 2014, she competed in her first Maritime IKD Championship and won a silver in Kata and bronze in kumite.

Denise future goals in karate is continue to develop the strong relationship that she has with her daughter Morgan, who is a black belt. She also loves the health benefits that training brings.

Denise said, “I enjoy doing karate and improving but it is not about the belts but the learning that goes with it.”

Congratulations, Denise.

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