The Maritime IKD student of the month for June 2011 is the Karate Edmundston Shotokan’s, Jeffrey Soucy.

Jeffrey has been training in Shotokan Karate since he was 6 years old. Jeffrey’s drive has made him a very successful tournament competitor.

Competition History 2005-2010 (does not include regional & goodwill competitions)

  • 2010 NB Provincials (1st kata & kumite)
  • 2009 ISKF Nationals, Calgary (1st kata & kumite)
  • 2009 NB Provincials (1st kata &kumite)
  • 2008 ISKF Word Shotocup (3rd kata, 1st kumite)
  • 2008 ISKF Nationals, Québec  (3rd kata)
  • 2008 NB Provincials (1st kata & kumite)
  • 2007 ISKF Nationals, Toronto (2nd kata)
  • 2007 NB Provincials (1st kata & kumite)
  • 2006 ISKF Nationals, Saskatchewan (1st kata& kumite)
  • 2006 NB Provincials (1st kata, 2nd kumite)
  • 2005 ISKF Nationals, Toronto (3rd kata)
  • 2005 NB Provincials (1st kata)

Jeffrey is a very focused young man both in his karate and academic careers. He has maintained a 97% passing grade for 3 years.

When asked who inspires him, Jeffrey lists the Universe, his father, UFC Fighter Lyoto Machida, Master Frank Woon-A-Tai and Samurai legend & author of the Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Musashi. It is easy to see why he is so focused.

In 2008, Jeffrey became a World Champion when he took 1st in Kumite at the ISKF World ShotoCup. He would also achieve his 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Jeffrey didn’t stop there. He continues to be successful in competitions thanks to a training program that he and his father are working on to maximize speed, power and mental focus.

Jeffrey would receive the Northern New Brunswick 2009 Exploit of the Year for his Shotocup performance and the 2010 Athlete of the Year award.

In 2010, Jeffrey would be bestowed with the honour of being a torch bearer for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

Master Frank Woon-A-Tai made a visit to Edmundston to conduct a clinic and grading. During this event, Jeffrey would be promoted to Sandan.

Jeffrey goals for his athletic future are to travel and share his experience of how karate changed his life (body, mind and soul) and be an inspiration for the young kids all over the world. The Olympics are very important to him and he hopes that someday karate will be part of the games and that he could compete at that level. Jeffrey would like to have the opportunity to train with the UFC’s Lyoto Machida and his training team.

His academic goals are to study Sport Medicine. He would like to be an Doctor, personal trainer or Sport Psychologist.

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