Carolina Henriquez Genotti of the Moncton IKD has been named the July 2013 Maritime IKD Student of the Month.

Carolina is original from Valparaiso, Chile. From childhood she was interested in and admired everything about karate. She felt it would be an honor to be a Karateka.

Japanese cartoons and Star War were some influence that she had to understand the energy (Ki), personal improvement and determination. She is also influence to train for self defense after having her home broken into.

She started training when she was 26 years on at a dojo in Viña del Mar, Chile under the instruction of Sensei Raul Puchi and Sempai Miguel Herrera. Unfortunately, for personal reason she had to stop to train for about 6 years.

Carolina relocated from Chile to Moncton, NB, were she discovered the Moncton IKD at St. Patricks family center. She was so excited to find a place to get back to training and accomplish her dream.

“Being part of the Moncton Dojo make feel like home with a big family,” she said.

“Training Karate make feel in balance and control myself, also, always is a way to improve. With the only person I compete is with me, I don’t like to compare and compete with others people. That reason make me participate at the tournament, to try control my nervous and fears.”

She wanted to win a medal at a tournament so she could show her children and in the future her grandchildren. This made her want to participate to the 2013 Maritime IKD Provincial Tournament were she won 3 Gold medals and the 2013 IKD Canada Cup were she got a Bronze Medal.

“That was a very good experience, I did learn a lot and I proved to myself can do it!!”

In June 2013, Carolina accomplished one of her dreams, when she was promoted to the rank of Shodan by Shihan David Pyke in Amherst, NS. She was so excited to become a black belt but she realizes that this is not the end, there is more to improve and learn. Her current goal is to develop and work with her Ki energy.

Congratulation, Carolina.

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