David Penney started his karate training about five months ago (September 2016) because he wanted a structured yet varied way to improve his physical fitness. Although sixty-nine years of age, he is quite fit and healthy, and he wanted a way to become even fitter and stronger. It had not always been that way. Only about five or six years ago, he had several health issues that included being thirty pounds overweight, high blood pressure, arthritic pains in his knees when walking up stairs, and having very little stamina. So, he went on a diet, cut back on his sodium intake, and started weightlifting and walking. “I lost thirty pounds, lowered my blood pressure back to normal, and improved my mobility. But those types of physical activities eventually became somewhat boring to me, and I wanted to take my fitness to the next level,” he said.

David had actually practiced karate for two or three years when he was in his late twenties. “I had been a real nerd all my life and had not participated in sports at all. I was so clumsy that I couldn’t walk from one room to another without tripping! I quickly found that my karate training improved my coordination immensely.”
So five months ago, he “re-started” his karate training with much enthusiasm, graded to Orange Belt in January, and am now looking forward to his next grading in just a few weeks time – in March. He has learned all five Heian Katas, and is improving quickly on his flexibility, push ups, sit-ups, etc. “I feel stronger now than when I was a young officer in the Canadian Armed Forces so many years ago. For physical fitness, I highly recommend karate to ALL ages (even if you’re an Old Geezer like me!)”

“My goal, of course, is to attain Black Belt. I have a lot of respect for those who have earned it. It takes so much training, dedication, skill, speed, and strength to accomplish it. I want to someday say that I could do that too. It would be such a great milestone in my life.

On a philosophical note, I really enjoy reading about the history and philosophy of karate, especially about Master Gichin Funakoshi. I have read several of his books and appreciate what a kind and gentle person he was. I like the ideas and ideals embedded in his Dojo Kun (be faithful, respect others, etc.), and every time I repeat the Dojo Kun (usually several times a day while driving), I focus on the meaning of the words to help me apply them to my daily activities.”

“I’d like to give a special thanks to Sensei Roy and Sensei Doug for providing three classes per week of superior quality training, and to my fellow karateka for all their help and encouragement. The PEI School is such a great place to train.”

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