Fay Delarge Getson of the Moncton IKD has been named the February 2013 Maritime IKD Student of the Month.

Fay is from River Glade, NB and trains at the Moncton IKD.

She started her training 6 years ago and is currently a Shodan.

Fay has competed in many tournaments. In 2009, she competed as a brown belt at a Provincial tournament taking 1st in Kumite and 2nd in Kata. Her team finished 3rd in Team Kata. Later that year, she attended the Calgary Nationals and placed 4th in Kata. In February, Fay entered the Maritime IKD Provincials. She was awarded Gold in Team kata, silver in kata, and bronze in kumite. She plans on competing in a variety of events at the upcoming Nationals in May.

Fay’s short-term goal is to train hard for Nationals and go for her Nidan exam in June. Her long-term goal is to continue to improve her techniques.

Congratulations, Fay.

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