The Maritime IKD named the first Student of the Month at the end of January 2011. The first student to receive this award is from the Mount Allison Shotokan Karate Club, Helena van Tol.

Helena van Tol started training under Sensei Susan Adaskin in Toronto, ON in September of 1999. She was in the fifth grade. The club in which she trained only permitted there students to test once a year.

Helena continued her training and reached the rank of 2nd kyu. After graduating High School, she began looking for a University to attend. One of Helena’s criteria while searching for a school to attend was if the University had a Shotokan club on campus or in the community. Once she discovered that Mount Allison had a club on campus she had found her school.

Helena started training at the Mount Allison club in September 2007. That fall she would achieve her 1st Kyu. Helena took on the role of President of the Mount Allison Shotokan Karate Club and would work very hard to receive funding from the Mount Allison Student Council to help with testing fees and other expenses for the students.

On November 29, 2008, Helena achieved her Shodan. She competed in the NB Goodwill Tournament in 2009 and hopes to compete at the 2011 Provincials.

Helena has assisted with teaching classes at Mount Allison since joining the club. She is looking forward to graduation this Spring with a major in Environmental Science and a minor is Biology. Helena has one final goal before leaving Sackville this Spring, to receive her Nidan.

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