Dale Sherwood began his training in January 2016 at the Mount Allison Shotokan Karate club in Sackville, NB.

He has always been fascinated with the art of karate since he was very young. He decided to search for a karate club in Sackville and was excited to find the Mount Allison club. 

“Life slips by quickly and so do our dreams if we don’t take action. I decided it was finally time to take action and make karate a priority and commit to learning the art,” he said.

Dale enjoys the complexity and discipline of the art of karate. He also is happy that he has meet so many great people from training. He trains very hard and attends classes both in Sackville, under the instruction of Senseis Norm and Jolene Robitza, and in Amherst, under the instruction of Shihans David and Janice Pyke.

“I love a good challenge and learning new skills. An art that takes a lifetime to master for me is the ultimate challenge.”

Dale’s hard work was to achieve his goal to become Shodan before he turned 48. On November 30, 2018, Dale was promoted to Shodan by Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai. Dale achieved his goal before he turned 46. He is now setting his sites on taking a judge’s course and his Nidan rank.

In 2016, he competed in his first karate tournament and was very successful. He earn a gold and bronze medal competing against White-Orange belts. Dale competed against Black Belts at the 2018 Maritime IKD tournament. He lost the bronze medal match to his instructor, Sensei Norm Robitza.

“My first tournament was a rewarding experience. My main purpose of the first tournament was for the experience and to watch my classmates and Sensei compete. Receiving a gold and a bronze metal after only 6 weeks of training was great for my confidence. I also got a feel for what my first belt test will be like which was also valuable. I am looking forward to the next tournament.”

Dale has the karate “bug” he has started a collection of karate books recently getting a copy of Karate: The Art of Empty Hand Fighting by Master Nishiyama. He plans on setting up an outdoor training area on his property in the summer and can not wait to learn more now that he is a black belt.

Dale has attended the PEI IKD Summer camp a few times and enjoys the yearly trip to Prince Edward Island. Sensei Robitza and Shihan Pyke have been trying to convince him to take the trip to IKD World Camp and hopefully he will in the next year or two.

Dale was the last student to be award the Maritime IKD Student of the Month Award back in 2016. 

“Dale has shown a great interest in learning all that he can about karate. He has done research on Gichin Funakoshi and the style. It is awesome to see a student so deeply interested in the art of Shotokan.” – Sensei Norm Robitza.

Congratulations, Dale!

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