Steve Wong was drawn to karate in 1982. He wanted to learn self defense and trained with Sensei Ron Fagan. In 1986, school was taking him away from his training. He left karate behind for 31 years. What changed to bring him back to his training? His daughter, Bria.

Bria began her karate journey in May 2016 under the instruction of Sensei Roy Stuart and Sensei Doug Dennis. Bria wanted to get exercise and learn self defense. Within a few short weeks, Dad was back in a gi and training as well. The family connection to Karate didn’t end there. In August 2016, Steve’s other daughter, Jenna joined the PEI dojo. She had taken part in other sports like soccer and ringette but after seeing how much her father and sister enjoyed karate she decided to give it a try.

Steve was already a green belt from his previous training with Sensei Fagan. He would be promoted from green to purple with Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai and earned his brown belt from Shihan David Pyke. Bria received her yellow belt from Shihan Pyke. Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai double graded her to green belt then she was promoted to blue belt by Shihan Pyke. Jenna tested for her yellow belt with Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai. He, however, double graded her and she left the clinic weekend with an orange belt. Jenna continued her training and was promoted to green belt by Shihan Pyke.

At the time that they were approached about being the featured Maritime IKD members, they were in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia at a karate tournament. During this event, Bria earned a bronze medal, Jenna earned a silver and Steve won a silver in kata and bronze in kumite. Bria won a bronze medal during the Maritime IKD Youth tournament in May 2017. Jenna won a gold medal at the same event and she won a silver during a PEI Provincial Tournament in October. Steve competed in the PEI Provincial tournament as well taking a silver in kata. In December 2016, he won a silver in kumite.

When Steve is not training at the dojo, he can be found weight training or playing hockey. He is the Part-owner/operator of a hearing aid clinic. Bria is in the 6th grade and enjoys origami, crafts and reading. Jenna, a 10th grader, enjoys photography, reading and dog training.

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