Misaki Natsuya is from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. For those that know Japanese history, this is where Admiral Matthew Perry landed and ordered the nation to open its door to the West.

Misaki has a Shodan in Kendo. She studied with Shizuko Onodera Sensei for three years at the Ikuta High School Kendo Club.

Misaki wanted to join karate to keep involved in the Martial Arts while at Mount Allison for the 2012-13 School Year. In the Spring, she will be returning to Japan and hopes to continue her training there.

Misaki was award the Mount Allision Shotokan Karate Student of the Month Award in Nov 2012. She is a dedicated student who pushes herself very hard. Her hard work paid off in her first belt testing when she passed from White to Orange Belt.

All karate’s movements and manners have meaning. It comes from self-defence and Bushido’s spirits.” she said. “Also, martial arts help me to have good posture.

After hearing of her double pass and being named for this award she said, “This is my happiest day since coming to Mount Allison!”

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