The 2018 IKD World Cup will take place this month in Barbados. There are members of the Maritime IKD traveling to the World Cup to represent 2 of the 3 provinces in our area.

The team has been hard at work preparing for this event for several months.

Fundraising began last year when the team had 50/50 draws during gradings, a hamburger fundraiser, a cookie dough fundraiser, an online auction, yard sales and much more. Many of the students, parents, family and friends supported the team during this time. Thank you to all that helped during these events.

Meet the Coaches & Officials


Shihan David Pyke, 8th Dan, will be heading to Barbados as a tournament official. Shihan David has been coaching the team in Amherst for the past several weeks as the prepare for this World Cup event.


Shihan Janice Pyke, 7th Dan, will be attending the tournament as well. She is the official tournament director for the International Karate Daigaku.

She has also been helping the team prepare for this tournament at the team training sessions.


Meet the Competitors

Sensei Isabelle Bordage, 5th Dan, will be attending the tournament as a competitor.

Sensei Isabelle is the most experience member of the team competing. She has been a competitor at National and International events for many years.


Sensei Norm Robitza, 5th Dan, will be attending the tournament as a competitor and possibly a judge.

This will be Sensei Norm’s first time competing at an International event. He has competed at National events in the past.


Sensei Michel Gaudet, 3rd Dan, will be competing at the tournament.

He has competed at the National level winning a gold medal in Kata and Kumite in Quebec in 2016.


Carol Gould, 4th Dan, will be attending the tournament as a competitor.

Carol has been attending National and International tournaments for some time. She was a silver medalist as the 2nd IKD World Cup.

Last month Carol was the Meet the IKD featured member.


Casey Arseneau, 1st Kyu, will be attending the tournament as a competitor.

This will be Casey’s first World tournament.

Casey was the featured Maritime IKD member in June 2017.

Her mother, Darcey will be accompanying Casey and will be the Team Manager for this event.


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