Adam and Connor Dickinson started training in September of 2018 at the Amherst Shotokan Karate Academy.

Both father and son are fairly new to the art of karate and each hold the rank of 8th kyu or Yellow belts. They received the rank in December 2018 from Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai during the Maritime IKD Fall Clinic.

“We have trained mainly with Shihans David and Janice Pyke and with Sensei Norm Robitza.”

Adam and Connor have not competed in any tournament yet.

“We want to get a little more experience and training before we try it.”

Connor was looking for an after-school activity that could be fun, physical, and teach him new skills. He gave karate a try and he liked it so much that Adam decided to join as well.

“I joined up, so he would have someone he could practice with at home.”

Connor is a full-time student and Adam is a Geographic Information Systems Officer.

“I sit at a desk and look at maps all day.”

When not working or in school Adam and Connor enjoy their time training. They also enjoy Skiing, Camping, Swimming, and Walking.

“Connor’s sister is always mimicking us, I’m sure she would enjoy learning Karate as well if her schedule weren’t already so busy.”

“I haven’t had much time to accumulate any crazy funny stories. There was one time while going through some punches, I was concentrating too much on my breathing and my hands that I forgot my feet which I promptly stumbled over and ended up flat on the ground. One thing I have noticed, my flexibility has taken a huge upswing. The sore joints (which fade within a day) are certainly worth it.”

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