Shawn Landry, 1st Dan, started training in 1988 in Acadieville, NB with Sensei Noel Daigle.

“I was bullied a lot in high school not by one but some days there would be ten to fifteen people waiting for me in the locker room at school.”

The level of bullying wasn’t just verbal, some days it was violent and horrifying. This dragged on for several years until he told myself enough is enough. At the time Shawn had very low self esteem and afraid to go to school in the morning. This is when he decided to learn how to defend himself and the obvious choice of martial arts was Shotokan Karate.

“I went to my first belt examination with confidence and determination knowing I would pass my yellow belt in January 1989. I used the bullying as fuel to motivate myself to perform the best I possibly could.”

As the examinations progressed through the years and his belts got darker in colour, Shawn realized less and less people bullied him at school. His belt examinations were mostly held all over the Maritimes including Charlottetown, Halifax, Amherst and St-Louis and were evaluated by Master Woon-A-Tai or Master Okazaki.

Shawn’s first and only competition was held in St-Louis in 1992, at the time he was brown belt and he won 1st place in Team Kata and 2nd in Kumite.

In November 1993, Shawn earned his 1st Dan from Master Okazaki in St-Louis NB.

“The funniest thing, the very next day at school when the principle announced on the intercom that I passed my black belt…nobody was waiting for me in the locker room and the bullying finally stopped. This was my biggest and proudest achievement of my life and will forever be a memorable moment growing up as a teenager.”

In 1994, he had to make the difficult decision to stop training for his post secondary education and work. Several years passed…24 years to be exact and in January 2018, Shawn decided to start training again with two of his daughters. They both enjoy him telling stories of his youth and specially his experience and training in Shotokan Karate.

“Presently we are training with one of my former youth training friends from Acadieville, Sensei Isabelle Bordage at St-Pats Dojo in Moncton NB.”

In March 2018, he was proud to announce that his daughters MacKayla, 8 years old, and Megan, 9 years old, passed their yellow belt under the examination of Shihan Keith DaCosta in Moncton.

Aside from Karate training, Stve hold a degree in welding, business management and studio recording and live sound. He presently own a recording studio – video production company in Dieppe called Mix It Up Studio. They specialize in web design, promotional videos and of course studio audio recording.

“I have several fond memories of my training growing up and it’s an honour to pass this opportunity to my daughters and create new memories as we train together on their road to success.”

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