The Maritime IKD student of the month for April 2011 is the Amherst Shotokan Karate Acedemy’s, Ben Curry.

Ben started training in November of 2008 at eight years of age. He was thinking about his future education and concerned about bullying. To avoid fighting he decided to take karate classes so he would be able to protect himself. Now in the 7th Grade, Ben enjoys playing trumpet in the school band, Math and Industrial Arts and Technologies.

Learning new katas is  Ben’s favorite parts of karate training. “I know a lot of them, but at the same time I have many more to learn,” he said.

Ben has competed in Provincial Championships twice. He placed 3rd in Kumite and 2nd in Kata as an Orange Belt and 1st in Kata as a Purple belt.

Karate has benefited Ben in his other sporting activities as well. Ben has been an Alpine Skier for 9 years uses the balance techniques from karate to help him not fall while running through moguls or landing jumps. He also is an avid golfer and credits karate for helping with his concentration.

Ben future karate aspirations are to place at a National Championship. He also hopes to be an instuctor’s assistant or even become a Sensei.

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