Archive May 22, 2023

New Black Belts and a National Medal of Service

During the 2023 IKD Coupe Canada Cup, three members of the Maritime IKD were promoted to new black belt ranks. Congratulations to:

  • Heather Gaudet, Rokudan
  • Kaleigh Page, Shodan
  • Madilyn Page, Shodan

Sensei Norm Robitza was presented with the IKD National Medal of Service and was promoted to an A Level, International Tournament Judge.


The IKD Coupe Canada Cup was held May 19-21 in Moncton, NB. The event saw Team NB capture the most Gold Medal with over 50 being presented. This earned New Brunswick the right to hoist the Canada Cup. Congratulations to all those that competed. It takes courage and dedication to represent your dojo, your province and yourself, winning or losing doesn’t matter.

The official results of the tournament will be released soon along with a photo gallery.

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