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Maritime IKD Fall Clinic 🗓

The Maritime IKD will hold a Fall Clinic on Dec 9 and 10 in Riverview, NB. Maritime IKD Director, Shihan David Pyke, 8th Dan, will oversee the grading.

Friday, December 9             Riverview Community Hall

                                           145 Lakeside Dr, Riverview, NB

6:00 – 7:00 pm                    Training: Purple – Black 

7:15 pm –                            Kyu Examination

                                           Dan Examinations

Saturday, December 10       Riverview Community Hall

                                           145 Lakeside Dr, Riverview, NB

12:00 noon – 1:00 pm          Training: White – Blue   

1:15 pm –                            Kyu Examination – White – Blue

Judge’s Clinic 🗓

The Maritime IKD will hold a Judge’s Clinic on Sunday October 23, 2022.

Shihan David Pyke will offer a full course and test which will start at 9:30am at the Amherst Shotokan Karate Academy.

There will also be a refresher course. Those taking the refresher can attend the entire course or from the afternoon session.

The entire course will cost $40. The refresher will be $10. (Bring your own lunch)
The plan to be done by 3pm, and there will be no class after.

All participants must be at least Shodan.

Tatamgouche dojo announces start date

Youth, teen, and adult Karate will be starting up on Monday, September 12 at the Sunrise Shotokan Karate club.

Classes will be Monday and Wednesday, early evening (exact times to be determined.)

There are three fee options: $140 for three months, or $50 per month, or $10 per class drop in fee.

Classes will be held in Tatamagouche.

Youth classes are grades 1-7, teen and adult are grades 8 and up.

A separate Silver Tigers for Seniors class will be held with enough demand.

Moncton Dojo Schedule Update

The Moncton IKD announced that it would be re-starting their classes on Monday Sept 12th.

The club has a new schedule for this year.

Mondays and Wednesdays; 6:30 – 7:30 (white to green) and 7:30 – 8:30 (purple to black).

** Monday classes will be upstairs (please use side / main door) and Wednesday classes will be downstairs.

Any new students interested in joining please contact me directly in advance at

Same payment structure as before!!

Punch Pass;

• Individuals; 10 sessions for $50

• Immediate Family; 10 sessions for $80

Will accept cash or e-transfer,

Amherst classes return to regular schedule

The Amherst Shotokan Karate Academy will be returning to the regular schedule for the fall. The schedule take effect on September 6 with the return of youth classes at 4pm. The youth class will finish at 4:50 to allow time for the youth the exit before the next class.

The 5pm class is for brown and black belt no matter of age. The class will finish at 5:50pm to allow for the students to leave prior to the start of the next class.

The 6pm class is for all belt leave in the teen and adult groups. So if you’re a youth and a brown belt, you can attend both the 4pm and the 5pm classes.

As a brown or black belt teen or adult you can do the same by going to the 5pm and the 6pm classes.

As usual, classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday. There will also be a Sunday afternoon class for brown and black belts. This class will be 3:30pm to 5pm.

New students will start on Tuesday September 13th, 2022. Youth ages 7 to 12 starting at 4pm. Teen and adult will start on the same day at 6pm class time.

The basement renovations (from the February Flood) continue so the change-rooms are not accessible as yet, but the new floors are in and things are progressing.

IKD World Cup 2024 🗓

Get ready for the IKD Fourth World Cup!

The IKD officially announced the re-scheduling of the 4th IKD World Cup. It will be held July 16-21, 2024 in Georgetown, Guyana.

Please note that we have moved it forward to July 2024 to give all countries time to reorganize after Covid-19.

Stay tuned for more details.

Clinic and Rank Testing with Shihan David Pyke 🗓

Belt Testing is set for September 10th at the Riverview Community Room. Start time will be 2pm (all levels)

We are pleased to have Shihan David Pyke 8th dan assist us with the examination. He will also be joined by Janice Pyke 7th dan.

ONLY a few weeks before the Grading. Make every effort to train minimum twice a week to be prepared for the testing.

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