Archive May 31, 2021

1st Maritime IKD Virtual Kata Tournament

The Maritime IKD hosted the 1st Virtual Kata Tournament over the past several weeks. Competitors recorded katas in their dojos or homes and sent them to the Maritime IKD. Officials worked hard to get all of the performances judged within a week once the deadline was reached.

The tournament results and a gallery of the competitor videos are available for all to see on the Events page.


On May 29th, Karate students (and parents) are invited to meet at the dojo at 12:00 (noon) for an exciting event…KARATE IN THE WOODS at MILL CREEK.

Leaving from the woods behind our dojo, we will embark on a 30 minute hike through the trails and arrive at the Riverview Dam waterfall at Mill Creek. At this time we will also have a 30 minute Karate Class at the fire pit clearing before Hiking back to the Dojo.

This is a FREE event. Photographer will be present. If the weather is cold or raining, we will reschedule for end of June.

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