October 2015

Laura Gill - Sackville, NS

The student of the month for October 2015 is Laura Gill of the Mount Allison Shotokan Karate club.

Laura is from Fort St. John, BC. and is currently studying Biology with a double minor in Religious studies and applied physics at Mount Allison University.

The 19 year old joined the Mount Allison club in September 2015.

"Laura immediately showed an intense interest in karate." Sensei Robitza said, "She asked many historical and technical questions."

"I was drawn to karate by the potential for self-defense," she said.

The idea of doing no harm until it is truly necessary was a big influence for Laura.

When asked what her favorite part of training was, Laura's answer was simple, Bunkai! A white belt only learns basic bunkai for Heian Shodan but Laura's interest stretches beyond the bunkai. She wants to see how the techniques from the katas can be used in many different situations.

Like most new karate students, Laura's future goal is to achieve her yellow belt. Sensei Robitza, however, knows that she will go far beyond a yellow belt.

Congratulations Laura!

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