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Top 5 MLB Returnees
With Colby Lewis and Scott Atchison going back to the majors this year, I figured Id check out the players Bryce Callahan Jersey who have had the most succe s after working time in Japan.
Honorable Mention: Pedro Feliciano (2005, Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks)
5. Julio Franco (1995, 1998, Chiba Lotte Marines) Visited Japan along with guys like Darrin Jackson and Kevin Mitchell following the 1994 MLB strike; left following the Marines fired Bobby Valentine, but returned after a front office change. After time in Korea and Mexico, made a lengthy MLB return in the 00s.
4. Lee Stevens (1994- Jacoby Glenn Jersey 95, Kintetsu Buffaloes) Set up better numbers in MLB return than he did in Japan; took part in late-90s Texas division winners.
3. Rafael Betancourt (2000, Seibu Lions) Pitched 28.2 middling innings in Japan in 2000, continues to be steadily worth 1+ WAR since sticking at the MLB level Brian Piccolo Jersey in 2003, including a great 2007 season.
2. Matt Stairs (1993, Chunichi Dragons) Didnt make an effect in his one season in Nagoya; post-Japan career needs no introduction.
1. Cecil Fielder (1989, Hanshin Tigers) After hitting 38 jacks with Hanshin, changed his Tigers to Detroit and ushered within the 90s power era, presumably with no help of peds.
Note: this doesnt include non-Japanese players who started their Chris Prosinski Jersey profe sional careers in Japan, so former Carp players Alfonso Soriano, Timo Perez, and Ramon Ramirez werent considered. Ill also give Melvin Mora a nod for that time he put in Taiwan prior to breaking by helping cover their the Mets.
The closest thing to a trend here's that Stevens, Betancourt, Stairs and Fielder counseled me on the right side of 30 when they played in Japan. Franco is an exception because he went over following a strike. In addition to that, this is a scattered group. Stairs and Betancourt didnt play much in Japan, and Bobby Massie Jersey needed several more years of minor league seasoning before breaking out in the MLB level. Stevens got his MLB shot after a great year in 3A in 1996, Franco had been an established MLB player, and Fielder have been blocked by Fred McGriff prior to playing in Japan.

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