Black Belt Club

Black Belt Club

The Maritime IKD Black Belt Club spans many years and organizations. The black belts listed here have earned their ranks in the JKA, ISKF and IKD.

To become a member, the black belt must register their black belt with the Maritime IKD headquarters.

All ranks here have been registered through the Maritime IKD. There is a small group of "Honorary" members of the Maritime IKD Black Belt Club. The "Honorary" members are high ranking Masters who did not receive their rank as part of the Maritime IKD.


Shodan mean first step and is the beginning of really learning the art of Karate. A student must train for more than a year after receiving their 1st Kyu (3rd Brown Belt) to be able to test for Shodan.

Name Date Province Dojo
Frank Mazerolle 1-Jul-76 NB
Terry Brown 3-May-77 NB
James Legere 30-Nov-78 NB
Tony Fahey 24-Mar-79 NB
Noel Herbert 8-Dec-79 NB
Normand Arsenault 8-Dec-79 NB
Kenny Tam 18-Jul-80 PE
Raymond Butler 20-Sep-80 NB
Grant Ogilve 27-Feb-83 NB
Peter Whalen 14-Mar-84 NB
Donald Martin 17-Mar-84 NB
David Pyke 31-Oct-84 NS Amherst
Brian Cann 14-Mar-87 NB
Chris Latta 12-Mar-88 NS Amherst
Linda Corbett 12-Mar-88 NB
Noel Daigle 2-Apr-89 NB Ken Karate
Darren Letson 2-Apr-89 NB Kio Karate
Gilles Daigle 2-Apr-89 NB
David Jefferson 4-Sep-89 NB
Janice Pyke 24-Mar-90 NS Amherst
Patrick Enright 24-Mar-90 NB Kio Karate
Micheal Vienneau 24-Mar-90 NB Moncton
Tina Marie Daigle 4-Dec-90 NB
Michelle Gouchie 24-Mar-91 NS Amherst
David Miller 1-Sep-91 NS Amherst
Kenneth Gouchie 7-Dec-91 NS Amherst
Marc Caissie 7-Dec-91 NB Ken Karate
Mario Herbert 28-Mar-92 NB Budo Karate
Daniel Arsenault 28-Mar-92 NB Budo Karate
Terrence Daigle 28-Mar-92 NB Ken Karate
Yves Daigle 28-Mar-92 NB Ken Karate
David Wilson 28-Mar-92 NS Springhill
Georges Gallant 4-Apr-92 NB Budo Karate
Helene Richard 28-Jun-92 NB
Donald Brewer 18-Jul-92 NS Amherst
Manson Gloade 18-Jul-92 NS Amherst
Remi Marc Cormier 18-Jul-92 NS Amherst
Derek Wood 30-Oct-92 NS Amherst
Layton Hurley 30-Oct-92 NS Amherst
Charles Richard 30-Oct-92 NB Ken Karate
Patrice Daigle 30-Oct-92 NB Ken Karate
Stephane Lavoie 30-Oct-92 NB Richibucto
Vincent Guimond 22-Jan-93 NB Budo Karate
Daniel Richard 22-Jan-93 NB Ken Karate
Francois Richard 22-Jan-93 NB Ken Karate
Gary Craig O'Neill 5-Nov-93 NS Amherst
Wayne Elward 5-Nov-93 NB Ken Karate
Ghislain Ouellet 18-Feb-94 NB Budo Karate
Jacinthe Richard 18-Feb-94 NB Ken Karate
Jean-Nil Johnson 18-Feb-94 NB Ken Karate
Terry Snyder 18-Mar-94 NS Amherst
Alice Trenholm 18-Mar-94 NS Amherst
Angela Guimond 17-Jun-94 NB Budo Karate
Mylene Gigou 17-Jun-94 NB Ken Karate
David Mazerolle 16-Jul-94 NB Ken Karate
Martin Mazerolle 16-Jul-94 NB Kendo Karate Club
Isabelle Bordage 14-Oct-94 NB Ken Karate
Philippe Mazerolle 14-Oct-94 NB Pointe-Sapin
David Daigle 14-Oct-94 NB Pointe-Sapin
Stephanie Ruth Dwyer 19-Nov-94 NS Amherst
Pam Bezzina 19-Nov-94 NS Amherst
Paulette Black 19-Nov-94 NS Amherst
Ricky E Vautour 10-Feb-95 NB Ken Karate
Richard Gaston 10-Feb-95 NB Richibucto
Sherry Lynn Osborne 17-Mar-95 NS Amherst
Joel Landry 17-Mar-95 NS Halifax
Andrew Langille 17-Mar-95 NS Springhill
Wade Abbott 2-Jun-95 NS Amherst
Kelsey Cameron 3-Jun-95 NS Amherst
Marina Robichaud 20-Jul-95 NB Budo Karate
Tara Conrad 23-Jul-95 NS Amherst
Joanne Richard 16-Sep-95 NB Ken Karate
Cynthia McGraw 16-Sep-95 NB Ken Karate
Robert Burke 14-Dec-95 NS Amherst
Darren Wilson 14-Dec-95 NS Springhill
Stephen MacCallum 16-Dec-95 PE
Jacques Richard 12-Jan-96 NB Acadievillle
Onil Ferrari 12-Jan-96 NB Ken Karate
Cinthia Richard 12-Jan-96 NB Pointe-Sapin
Kevin Tooke 7-Dec-96 NS Amherst
Bradley Linkletter 7-Dec-96 NS Amherst
Nicholas Quesnel 7-Dec-96 NS Amherst
Christopher Dennis 14-Dec-96 PE
Matthew Blake 11-Apr-97 NS Amherst
Jake Pushie 13-Apr-97 PE
Raymond Bristol 1-Aug-97 NS Amherst
Katheryn Wilson 1-Aug-97 NS Springhill
Nicholas Ballem 1-Aug-97 PE
David  VanZoost 15-May-98 NS Amherst
Anne-Berth Avenriep 15-May-98 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Veronique Avenriep 15-May-98 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Michelle Casey 15-May-98 NB Edmundston
Darcee Wilson 16-May-98 NS Springhill
Brent A Parks 10-Jul-98 PE
Bridget Beswick 11-Jul-98 NS Amherst
Gerald Cliffe 11-Jul-98 NS Springhill
Andre Lavoie 12-Dec-98 NB Ken Karate
Cheryl D Froebe 13-Mar-99 NS Amherst
Nathaniel MacDonald 13-Mar-99 PE
Corey Michiel Ogden 10-Apr-99 NS Amherst
Richard David Laurie 10-Apr-99 NS Springhill
Daniel G Crawshaw 27-Nov-99 NS Amherst
Adam White 25-Mar-00 NS Amherst
Amy Cynthia Lloy 14-Jul-00 NS Amherst
Lewis Jonathan Szeto 14-Jul-00 NS Amherst
Ashima Sawhney 14-Jul-00 NS Amherst
Nitin Sawhney 14-Jul-00 NS Amherst
Gulshan Sawhney 14-Jul-00 NS Amherst
Jolene Cormier 1-Apr-01 NS Amherst
Jacob Beal 1-Apr-01 NS Amherst
Pam Brown  1-Apr-01 NS Springhill
Cathy Meekins 6-Jul-01 NS Springhill
Dustin Wayne Hurley 25-Nov-01 NS Amherst
Benjamin Pitman 7-Apr-02 NS Amherst
Wayne Hurley 7-Apr-02 NS Amherst
Joel MacPhee 7-Apr-02 NS Amherst
Barry Purcell 6-Jul-02 NS Amherst
Chris Meaney 6-Jul-02 NS Amherst
John Eric Pyke 6-Jul-02 NS Amherst
Norman Robitza 29-Nov-02 NS Amherst
Ron Gill 10-Apr-03 PE Charlottetown
Daphne Gill 10-Apr-03 PE Charlottetown
Craig Hurley 12-Apr-03 NS Amherst
Joshua Greeno 12-Apr-03 NS Amherst
Colin MacKinnon 12-Apr-03 NS Amherst
Matthew Mills 5-Jul-03 NS Amherst
Stacy Mills 5-Jul-03 NS Amherst
Katilyn Robitza 5-Jul-03 NS Amherst
Neil MacKinnon 5-Jul-03 NS Amherst
Luc Poirier 5-Jul-03 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Jean Charles Finnigan 5-Jul-03 NB Richibucto
Joshua Martin 5-Jul-03 NB Richibucto
Patrick Patterson 6-Dec-03 NS Amherst
Heather Faulkner 6-Dec-03 NS Amherst
Carol Gould 6-Dec-03 NS Amherst
Lorrie Jollimore 6-Dec-03 PE Charlottetown
Elysia Atkinson 6-Dec-03 PE Charlottetown
Lee Walczak 6-Dec-03 NB Moncton
Brigitte Schofield 3-Apr-04 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Marie-Mai Theriaut 3-Apr-04 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Carole Richard 3-Apr-04 NB Richibucto
Mathieu Richard 3-Apr-04 NB Richibucto
Tammy Kelly 3-Apr-04 NB Richibucto
Tanja Muessle 4-Apr-04 NS Amherst
Paige Baldwin 4-Apr-04 NS Amherst
Ian McLeod 3-Jul-04 NS Amherst
Jared MacPhee 3-Jul-04 NS Amherst
Louis-Phillippe Doucet 3-Jul-04 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Jeff Alward 3-Dec-04 PE Charlottetown
Malcolm McCulloch 5-Dec-04 NS Amherst
Matthew Roberts 5-Dec-04 NS Amherst
Sasha Baldwin 2-Apr-05 NS Amherst
Ashley Chapman 2-Apr-05 NS Amherst
Melissa Cormier 2-Apr-05 NS Amherst
Gail Gouchie 2-Apr-05 NS Amherst
Greg Gilroy 25-Jun-05 NS Amherst
Mike Hunter 25-Jun-05 NS Amherst
Ashton Hunter 25-Jun-05 NS Amherst
Donald Akerley 25-Jun-05 NB Edmundston
Russell Cloney 25-Jun-05 NS Pugwash
Corey Moore 26-Nov-05 NS Amherst
Andrew Moore 26-Nov-05 NS Amherst
Sophie Boudreau 26-Nov-05 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Julie Daigle 26-Nov-05 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Mary Fahey 26-Nov-05 NB Bushido Karate Club
Samantha Young 26-Nov-05 NB Bushido Karate Club
Karyne Bordage 26-Nov-05 NB Richibucto
Maryah MacDonald 30-Mar-06 PE Charlottetown
Christine Cotton 30-Mar-06 PE Charlottetown
Zachary Bourque 1-Apr-06 NS Amherst
Lucas Chapman 1-Apr-06 NS Amherst
Nicholas Chapman 1-Apr-06 NS Amherst
Donald Davis 1-Apr-06 NS Amherst
Joey Morneault 1-Apr-06 NB Edmundston
Fany Morneault 1-Apr-06 NB Edmundston
Trish Arcaro 1-Apr-06 NB Richibucto
Marieve Bordage 1-Apr-06 NB Richibucto
Laurence Bordage 1-Apr-06 NB Richibucto
Heather Gaudet 9-Jul-06 NS Amherst
Mathieu Manuel 9-Jul-06 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Greg Parshauer 9-Jul-06 NB Richibucto
Allen Boland 9-Jul-06 NB
Jeffrey Soucy 3-Dec-06 NB Edmundston
Stephanie Quesnel 3-Dec-06 NB Shediac
Sarah Colpitts 2-Dec-07 NS Amherst
Geoffrey Tasker 2-Dec-07 PE Charlottetown
Dominique Courturier 2-Dec-07 NB Edmundston
Zachary Walton 2-Dec-07 NS Parrsboro
Brendon Drake 30-Mar-08 NS Amherst
Daniel Bordage 30-Mar-08 NB Richibucto
Dale Ross 5-Jul-08 NS Amherst
Valerie Zidichouski 5-Jul-08 PE Charlottetown
Aaron Zidichouski 5-Jul-08 PE Charlottetown
Katrina Zidichouski 5-Jul-08 PE Charlottetown
Breanna Despres 5-Jul-08 NB Shediac
Jessica Gallant 5-Jul-08 NB Shediac
Guy Soucy 6-Jul-08 NB Edmundston
Jonathan Levesque 6-Jul-08 NB Edmundston
Carla Gould 29-Nov-08 NS Amherst
Ron Blue 29-Nov-08 PE Charlottetown
Helena van Tol 29-Nov-08 NB Mount Allison
Christina Despres 29-Nov-08 NB Shediac
Lori Cormier 29-Nov-08 NB Shediac
Claude Beaulieu 30-Nov-08 NB Edmundston
Michel Gaudet 5-Apr-09 NB Moncton
Jessy Morin 4-Jul-09 NB Edmundston
David Dionne 4-Jul-09 NB Edmundston
Gabriel Plourde 4-Jul-09 NB Edmundston
Richard Plourde 4-Jul-09 NB Edmundston
Allan Getson 4-Jul-09 NB Moncton
Kara Daley 4-Jul-09 NB Shediac
Rod Boland 5-Dec-09 NS Amherst
Etienne Cote 5-Dec-09 PE Charlottetown
Michel Laplante 5-Dec-09 NB Edmundston
Leanne Kinnear 5-Dec-09 NB Edmundston
Stephane Bourgoin 5-Dec-09 NB Edmundston
Fay Delarge Getson 5-Dec-09 NB Moncton
Ben Curry 20-Mar-10 NS Amherst
Doug Denis 20-Mar-10 PE Charlottetown
Jim Legerwood 26-Jun-10 NB Moncton
Amy Leger 26-Jun-10 NB Shediac
Sydney Skinner 4-Dec-10 NS Amherst
Gerard Poitras 4-Dec-10 NB Moncton
William Alexandre Fiset 28-May-11 NB Edmundston
Samantha Gaboury 28-May-11 NB Edmundston
Mario Pelletier 28-May-11 NB Edmundston
Kevin Roussel 28-May-11 NB Edmundston
Wendy Stevens 28-May-11 NB Edmundston
Jason Taylor 26-Nov-11 NS Amherst
Michael Bradet-Legris 31-Mar-12 NS Amherst
Jen Babineau 31-Mar-12 NB Moncton
Antonio Paulin 31-Mar-12 NB Moncton
Dawson Wylie 31-Mar-12 NB Richibucto
Joshua Wylie 31-Mar-12 NB Richibucto
Isabelle Collier 11-Jun-12 NB Shediac
Michell Edmunds 11-Jun-12 NB Shediac
Duc Tran Quang 16-Jun-12 NB Moncton
Jacob Arsenault 18-Jun-12 NB Richibucto
Jonathan Bradet-Legris 21-Jun-12 NS Amherst
Jeannie Jolene Robitza 21-Jun-12 NB Mount Allison
Gina Bradet 17-Mar-13 NS Amherst
Carolina Henriquez Genotti 22-Jun-13 NB Moncton
Morgan Dickinson 22-Jun-13 NS Parrsboro
Michel Nader 22-Jun-13 NS Amherst
Daniel Sanayie 22-Jun-13 PE Charlottetown
Zacharia Sanayie 22-Jun-13 PE Charlottetown
Owen Hammond 30-Nov-13 NB Moncton
Anita Levy 30-Nov-13 NS Amherst
Peter Hoar 30-Nov-13 NS Parrsboro
Joe MacLean 30-Nov-13 NS Amherst
Jennifer Arsenault 21-Jun-14 NB Moncton
Madelaine Picard 21-Jun-14 NB Moncton
Leo Picard 21-Jun-14 NB Moncton
Ian Leger 21-Jun-14 NB Moncton
Kendall Claridge 21-Jun-14 NB Moncton
Ashley Dowe 21-Jun-14 NS Parrsboro
Haley Harrison 21-Jun-14 NS Parrsboro
Michel Lamontagne 29-Nov-14 NB Moncton
Kaleb Gautreau 29-Nov-14 NB Moncton
Thomas Mann 29-Nov-14 PE Charlottetown
Harry Griffiths 28-Mar-15 NB Mount Allison
Angie LeBlanc 20-Jun-15 NB Moncton
Rene Bourgeois 05-Dec-15 NB Moncton
Kristen LeBlanc 05-Dec-15 NB Moncton
Robert Lennox 05-Dec-15 NB Moncton
Melissa Melanson 09-Apr-16 NB Mount Allison
Andrew Wilcox 09-Apr-16 NB Mount Allison
Arye Lennox 25-Jun-16 NB Moncton
Christopher Welling 25-Jun-16 NB Moncton
Zoe McIntyre 25-Jun-16 NB Mount Allison
Melanie Betts 3-Dec-16 NB Moncton
Alexandre McIntyre 24-Jun-17 NB Moncton
Jolene Richard 24-Mar-18 NB Moncton
Nicholas Leblanc 24-Mar-18 NB Moncton
Bello Chaibou 24-Mar-18 NB Moncton


A student must train for more than 1 years after receiving their Shodan to be able to test for Nidan.

Name Date Province Dojo
Frank Mazerolle 1-Apr-80 NB
Tony Fahey 27-Mar-82 NB
Raymond Butler 24-Jun-83 NB
Kenny Tam 31-Oct-84 PE
David Pyke 12-Mar-88 NS Amherst
Grant Ogilve 12-Mar-88 NB Kenko Karate
Normand Arsenault 12-Mar-88 NB Richibucto
Brian Cann 2-Apr-89 NB Kio Karate
Peter Whalen 2-Apr-89 NB Kio Karate
Tina Marie Daigle 28-Mar-90 NB Ken Karate
Gilles Daigle 23-Mar-91 NB Ken Karate
Noel Daigle 23-Mar-91 NB Ken Karate
Janice Pyke 28-Mar-92 NS Amherst
Noel Herbert 28-Mar-92 NB Budo Karate
Mario Herbert 28-Mar-92 NB
David Miller 19-Mar-93 NS Amherst
Helene Richard 5-Nov-93 NB Ken Karate
Daniel Arsenault 18-Mar-94 NB Budo Karate
Marc Caissie 7-Oct-94 NB Budo Karate
David Wilson 7-Oct-94 NS Springhill
Donald Martin 17-Mar-95 NB Budo Karate
Joel Landry 30-Mar-96 NS Halifax
Mylene Gigou 11-Oct-96 NS Amherst
Kelsey Cameron 31-Aug-97 NS Amherst
Isabelle Bordage 1-Oct-97 NB Ken Karate
Terry Snyder 17-Oct-97 NS Amherst
Gary Craig O'Neill 20-Mar-98 NB St-Louis De Kent
Kenneth Gouchie 28-Mar-98 NS Amherst
Stephanie Ruth Dwyer 1-Apr-01 NS Amherst
Andre Lavoie 1-Apr-01 NS Amherst
David Daigle 1-Apr-01 NS Amherst
Robert Burke 29-Nov-02 NS Amherst
Nicholas Quesnel 28-Mar-04 NS Amherst
Benjamin Pitman 18-Mar-05 NS Amherst
Carol Gould 26-Nov-05 NS Amherst
Craig Hurley 26-Nov-05 NS Amherst
Colin MacKinnon 26-Nov-05 NS Amherst
Jean-Charles Finnigan 26-Nov-05 NB Richibucto
Lorrie Jollimore 18-Mar-06 PE Charlottetown
Ron Gill 18-Mar-06 PE Charlottetown
Barry Purcell 3-Dec-06 NS Amherst
Marie-Mai Theriaut 3-Dec-06 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Anne-Berth Avenriep 3-Dec-06 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Brigitte Schofield 3-Dec-06 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Melissa Cormier 3-Dec-06 NS Parrsboro
Daphne Gill 31-Mar-07 PE Charlottetown
Ashton Hunter 1-Jul-07 NS Amherst
Gail Gouchie 1-Jul-07 NS Amherst
Donald Akerley 1-Jul-07 NB Edmundston
Ian McLeod 2-Dec-07 NS Amherst
Mike Hunter 2-Dec-07 NS Amherst
Norman Robitza 2-Dec-07 NB Mount Allison
Karyne Bordage 2-Dec-07 NB Richibucto
Cathy Meekins 5-Jul-08 NS Amherst
Heather Gaudet 5-Jul-08 NS Amherst
Laurence Bordage 5-Jul-08 NB Richibucto
Marieve Bordage 5-Jul-08 NB Richibucto
Allen Boland 29-Nov-08 PE Charlottetown
Jeffrey Soucy 30-Nov-08 NB Edmundston
Fany Morneault 30-Nov-08 NB Edmundston
Brendon Drake 29-Mar-09 NS Amherst
Dale Ross 5-Dec-09 NS Amherst
Jeff Alward 20-Mar-10 PE Charlottetown
Michel Gaudet 26-Jun-10 NB Moncton
Sarah Colpitts 4-Dec-10 NS Amherst
Claude Beaulieu 28-May-11 NB Edmundston
Dominique Couturier 28-May-11 NB Edmundston
Russell Cloney 25-Jun-11 NS Amherst
Kara Daley 25-Jun-11 NB Shediac
Gerard Poitras 26-Nov-11 NB Moncton
Lori Cormier 11-Jun-12 NB Shediac
Stephanie Quesnel 11-Jun-12 NB Shediac
Rod Boland 27-Jun-12 NS Amherst
Douglas Dennis 28-Apr-13 PE Charlottetown
Fay Delarge Getson 22-Jun-13 NB Moncton
Allan Getson 22-Jun-13 NB Moncton
Ben Curry 22-Jun-13 NS Amherst
Sydney Skinner 22-Jun-13 NS Amherst
Michaël Bradet-Legris 22-Jun-13 NS Amherst
Jonathan Bradet-Legris 30-Nov-13 NS Amherst
Jen Babineau 21-Jun-14 NB Moncton
Jolene Robitza 29-Nov-14 NB Mount Allison
Duc Tran Quang 29-Nov-14 NB Moncton
Gina Bradet 29-Nov-14 NS Amherst
Michel Nader 29-Nov-14 NS Amherst
Morgan Dickinson 09-Apr-16 NB Amherst
Owen Hammond 09-Apr-16 NB Moncton
Anita Levy 25-Jun-16 NS Amherst
Harry Griffiths 18-Mar-17 NB Mount Allison
Heather Faulkner 24-Jun-17 NB Moncton
Carole Richard 24-Mar-18 NB Moncton


A student must train for more than 2 years after receiving their Nidan to be able to test for Sandan.

Name Date Province Dojo
Tony Fahey 12-Mar-88 NB
Frank Mazerolle 2-Apr-89 NB Kio Karate
Kenny Tam 1-Sep-91 PE Charlottetown
David Pyke 23-Mar-91 NS Amherst
Normand Arsenault 30-Oct-92 NB Budo Karate
Noel Daigle 19-Mar-93 NB St. Louis de Kent
Gilles Daigle 5-Nov-93 NB Budo Karate
Janice Pyke 25-Feb-95 NS Amherst
David Wilson 20-Mar-98 NS Springhill
Joel Landry 31-Mar-99 NL Northern Shotokan Karate
Kelsey Cameron 6-Oct-00 NS Halifax
Isabelle Bordage 1-Apr-01 NS Amherst
Gary Craig O'Neill 5-Oct-01 NB Moncton
Mylene Gigou 29-Nov-02 NS Amherst
David Daigle 28-Mar-04 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Robert Burke 3-Dec-06 NS Amherst
Nicholas Quesnel 1-Jul-07 NB Shediac
Donald Legere 5-Jul-08 NB Moncton
Donald Akerley 4-Jul-09 NB Edmundston
Carol Gould 5-Dec-09 NS Amherst
Benjamin Pitman 5-Dec-09 NS Amherst
Colin MacKinnon 20-Mar-10 NS Amherst
Norman Robitza 26-Jun-10 NB Mount Allison
Heather Gaudet 4-Dec-10 PE Charlottetown
Gail Gouchie 4-Dec-10 NS Amherst
Daphne Gill 4-Dec-10 NS Amherst
Jeffrey Soucy 28-May-11 NB Edmundston
Brendon Drake 25-Jun-11 NS Amherst
Dale Ross 26-Nov-11 NS Amherst
Stephanie Smith 26-Nov-11 NS Amherst
Michel Gaudet 16-Mar-13 NB Moncton
Douglas Dennis 20-Jun-15 PE Charlottetown
Michael Bradet-Legris 05-Dec-15 NS Amherst
Jonathan Bradet-Legris 09-Apr-16 NB Mount Allison
Jen Babineau 3-Dec-16 NB Moncton
Fay Delarge-Getson 3-Dec-16 NB Moncton
Gina Bradet 24-Jun-17 NS Amherst
Michel Nader 24-Jun-17 NS Amherst


A student must train for more than 3 years after receiving their Sandan to be able to test for Yondan.

Name Date Province Dojo
David Pyke 5-Sep-94 NS Amherst
Tony Fahey 8-Oct-94 NB Bushido Karate Club
Janice Pyke 1-Apr-01 NS Amherst
David Wilson 23-Mar-02 NS Pugwash
Joel Landry 28-Mar-04 NB Edmundston
Isabelle Bordage 5-Jun-05 NB Richibucto
Kelsey Cameron 6-May-06 NS Amherst
David Daigle 19-Apr-08 NB Baie Sainte-Anne
Gary Craig O’Neill 19-Apr-08 NB Moncton
Norman Robitza 17-May-13 NB Mount Allison
Robert Burke 30-Nov-13 NS Amherst
Carol Gould 30-Nov-13 NS Amherst
Heather Gaudet 30-Nov-13 NS Amherst
Benjamin Pitman 30-Nov-13 NS Amherst
Brendon Drake 29-Nov-14 NS Amherst


A student must train for more than 4 years after receiving their Yondan to be able to test for Godan.

Name Date Province Dojo
David Pyke 8-Oct-99 NS Amherst
Tony Fahey 6-Oct-05 NB Harcourt
Janice Pyke 12-Jun-06 NS Amherst
David Wilson 19-Apr-08 NS Amherst
Isabelle Bordage 7-Oct-11 NB Moncton
Craig O'Neil 2-Dec-16 NB Moncton
Norman Robitza 18-Jun-17 NB Mount Allison
Heather Gaudet 1-Dec-17 NS Amherst


A student must train for more than 5 years after receiving their Godan to be able to test for Rokudan.

Name Date Province Dojo
David Pyke 12-Jun-06 NS Amherst
Janice Pyke 20-Feb-11 NS Amherst
Roy Stuart 05-Dec-15 PE Charlottetown


ShichiDan (7th Degree Black Belt) denotes a Shihan (Master). A student must train for more than 6 years after receiving their Rokudan to be able to test for Shichidan. Upon achieving 7th Dan, the new Master could be invited to join the IKD Shihan Kai if the rank of "A" Level Instructor, Examiner & Judge has been achieved.

Name Date Province Dojo
David Pyke  20-Feb-11 NS Amherst
Janice Pyke 1-Dec-17 NS Amherst


To test for Hachidan, the student must be recommended by the IKD Shihan Kai. The Master level student must train for more than 7 years after receiving their Shichidan to be able to test for Hachidan.

Name Date Province Dojo
David Pyke  17-Jun-17 NS Amherst


This rank is reserved for the Vice Chief Instructor of the IKD.

Name Date Province Dojo


This rank is reserved for the Chief Instructor of the IKD.

Name Date Province Dojo


The following International Masters have Honorary membership in the Maritime IKD Black Belt Club.

Name Organization Rank Other
Gichin Funakoshi Founder of Shotokan Karate 10th Dan 1869 - April 26, 1957
Masatoshi Nakayama JKA Chief Instructor 10th Dan April 15, 1913 - April 15, 1987
Teruyuki Okazaki ISKF Chief Instructor 10th Dan Retired
Yutaka Yaguchi ISKF Vice Chief Instructor 9th Dan Retired
Frank Woon-A-Tai IKD Chief Instructor 9th Dan
W. Dexter Shim IKD Vice Chief Instructor 8th Dan
Maureen Woon-A-Tai IKD Vice Chief Instructor 8th Dan