The Maritime International Karate Daigaku is devoted to the growth of Shotokan Karate in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Canada. The Maritime IKD is a former member of the International Shotokan Karate Federation now associated with the International Karate Daigaku. The Maritime IKD is lead by Shihan David Pyke, 7th Dan, a member of the IKD Shihan-Kai.


  • Qualified Instructors (1st to 7th Dan)
  • Rank Exams 3-4 times a year by Masters
  • Periodic training clinics by Masters
  • World wide membership recognition
  • Annual National & International CAMPS
  • Annual Regional, National & International Tournaments

Karate Do

Karate is a martial art for the development of character through training. Karate-Do literally translates to the Way of the Empty Hand. There are three main objectives of Karate-Do.

  • To Harden your body and gain flexibility
  • To Sharpen your mind and spirit
  • To learn to defend yourself in any situation

Events at a Glance

  • Nov 27-29 - Fall Clinic - Sackville, NB
  • Feb '16 - Maritime Tournament - Amherst, NS
  • March '16 - Spring Clinic - Moncton, NB
  • June '16 - IKD World Camp - Haliburton, ON
  • June '16 - Summer Clinic - Amherst, NS

Student of the Month

Image 01 Regional Dojo Instructors take turns picking a recipient of this award.

Upcoming Events

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Black Belt Club

Image 03 A comprehensive list of black belts earned within the region.

IKD International

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